The start of a lab book, better late than never.

Earlier in the year I read a tweet to the effect of 'knowing what i know now, i would have kept a lab book' and this triggered a recurring thought. A lab book seems like a great idea.

I've seen plenty of development blogs, but they've always seemed to be focused on a particular project or technology. I didn't want to run a technology blog or build myself as an expert in a tool. But a lab book, a document setting up work and results, focused my work product rather than a brand makes perfect sense to me.

I already generate similar work products but they are scaffolds to productions rather than retrospectives, I hope this can be more the latter.

Currently I use todo-list apps and an kanban for understanding possible work, sizing tasks, and choosing what's next. Getting the task done and disappeared is the goal.

I write and draw in paper note books to explore ideas and make sense of puzzles. This writing is very important as it helps me think, but what actually gets to the page is rarely meaningful. The paper and pen act as catch basin giving my head room to think.

I think the lab book will be a place to summarize work. I did this with my tumblr during the earlier work on topophile. I found it to be a useful place to share what I'm doing. While I still think it'll be ok to link back to this lab book, the goal is to capture my understanding from a work. And setting up a self-hosted blog feels better to me than dumping personal content into someone else's service.