Setting up SSL on WebFaction

Today I set development aside to start a the lab book. I'd looked at several static publishing platforms and gave wordpress a thought or two, but an ancient Slack post by trusted friend lead me to Ghost, and a Ghost application default set in the WebFaction panel made it an easy choice.

The primary learning today came from setting up SSL. I've never been responsible for managing an SSL protected service and this seemed like as good a project as any to start with.

After a couple loops reading forum and and document posts, I landed on a nice post about using to run Let's Encrypt as a user on shared hosting.

The only other trick was to to get redirection working properly. The Ghost app install does not allow an .htaccess file so I created a separate static application to receive http requests and redirect them to https as mentioned in blog post.

Here I am, I have place to write about what I did. I'll likely mess with the theme a big and I'd like to learn how to export, hopefully the schema makes sense or there are even tools.