Interviewing means junky projects

I've been interviewing for jobs for the last couple weeks. It has meant a lot of writing (yay!), reviewing various technical bits (meh), and writing throw away projects for other people (boo).

  • I learned a great deal about WordPress after more-or-less re-writing an old plugin. I'm not sure if it was ever a real thing, but it didn't conform at all to the current code base. This work was the first time I paid attention to PHP 7, I even used a closure. wee

  • I read RFC 6749. I've done lots of integrations on my own, always in a smash and pray exercise. It's nice now to know what OAuth is supposed to be doing.

  • I've come back around to coterie. When asked what I might do with a hack-week, I combined two ideas that have been floating around recently, VR and stars, I want to make my own planetarium. In preparation for another interview I've started developing my own API to support serving stars, constellations, and asterisms. I was going to need to do something once I got past using Orion as the base for my models. Now it'll be a web application vending the data and being a nice clicky interface for defining asterisms.