Ask the dumb question

On-boarding can be incredibly hard. My typical experience on-boarding looks like a diagram talk with the leadership and some hand-holding to get the develop stack running.

There is a ton of knowledge transfer that needs to happen beyond getting that stack running. Sometimes it is written down somewhere, but often it just needs to be explored in dialog. I have the feeling of trying to balance my own needs getting up to speed with the cost of interrupting developers.

When I start a new project and I can feel the slow-downs coming due to a lack of information I set a deadline for myself to ask what, to me, feels like a dumb question. I know it is a perfectly good question and I also know there must be some way for me to figure out the answer, I just haven't figured it out yet. So I give myself a deadline, allow myself some time to explore without getting mired in self-doubt.

Today not a gig, but an open-source software project. I'm using a great tool for CAD in javascript, and while I'm using it to get things done, I'm learning a bit about WebGL. I'm stuck on this point and have set the project down to get other stuff done. I've not given up on figuring out the fundamentals of WebGL, but I asked the dumb question and am hopeful I can learn a thing.

In short, why can't I make the background of my cad viewer transparent? We'll see.